ENGLISH Proficiency Test.

Uji Kemampuan Bahasa Inggrismu dan Dapatkan Sertifikat Remi!

EPT- English Proficiency Test mengukur kecapakan berbahasa Inggris yang meliputi kemampuan mendengarkan audio percakapan native speaker (listening), menganalisis struktur grammatikal kalimat (structure), dan pemahaman terhadap teks (reading).

Listening Comprehension.

Mengukur kemampuan peserta ujian dalam memahami bahasa Inggris lisan. Aksen yang digunakan dalam ujian ini adalah American Accent.

Structure and Written Expression.

Mengukur pemahaman peserta ujian terhadap struktur dan grammar terhadap kalimat umum dalam bahasa Inggris.

Reading Comprehension.

Mengukur kemampuan peserta ujian dalam membaca dan memahami tulisan formal/ilmiah dalam bahasa Inggris.

Detail Ujian EPT -
English Proficiency Test.

Tipe tes : Paper-Based test and Internet-Based Test berupa multiple choice.
Jumlah soal : 140 soal, meliputi: Listening 50 soal, Structure and Written Expression 40 soal dan Reading Comprehension 40 soal.
Durasi : 115 menit.
Sertifikat : Sertifikat EPT berlaku untuk nasional.

Struktur Pembagian Soal EPT -
English Proficiency Test.

Section Number of Question Administration Time Score sale
Listening Comprehension 50 Soal 35 Menit 24-68
Structure & Written Expression 40 Soal 25 Menit 20-68
Reading Comprehension 50 Soal 55 Menit 21-67
Total 140 Soal 115 Menit 217-677

Kisi-Kisi Materi Yang Diujikan Dalam
EPT - English Proficiency Test.

General Topics

  • Business: management, offices, official documents, law.
  • Recreation: sports, games, concerts, plays, art, books, photography, music, parties, and gatherings, public lectures.
  • Workplace: applying for a job, on-campus employment, work schedules.
  • Languagea and communication: mail, email, phone use, leaving messages, requests for information.
  • Mesia: TV, internet.
  • Environtment: weather, nature, climate, environment.
  • Food: types of food, restaurants.
  • Planning and time management: future events, invitations, personal schedules.
  • Transportation: travel, driving, parking, public transportation, travel reservations.
  • Purchases: clothing, shopping, banking, money.
  • Objects: descriptions of objects, equipment.
  • Personal: family members friends, health, emotions, physical characteristics, daily routines.

Academic Topics

  • Humanities: history, political science, government, philosophy, law.
  • Social Sciences: anthrophology, sociology, education, geography, archeology psychology, economics, business, management, marketing, comunications.
  • Life Sciences: paleontology, biochemistry, animal behavior, ecology, anatomy, physiology, genetics, health science, biology, agriculture.
  • Physical Sciences: geology, astronomy, chemistry, Earth science, engineering, meterology, energy, technology, oceanography, physics.
  • Arts: fine arts, crafts, theater, dance, architerture, literature, music, film, photography.

Campus-life Topics

  • Campus activities: clubs, committees, social events.
  • Classes: class schedules, class requirements, library references, assignments (papers, presentations, readings), professors, studying, field trips.
  • Campus administation: registration, housing on and off campus, study abroad, internships, university policies.

ENGLISH Proficiency Test.

Uji Kemampuan Bahasa Inggrismu dan Dapatkan Sertifikat Remi!

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